Social Media

Digital Marketing has been the most influential platform of the century and finds allurement amongst many people of vastly different tastes. And it favours marketing the most because there is simply no better platform than this to reach out to people.  If you are just getting started on this life-long expedition, then the steps below will aid you in your undertakings.


The first place to besiege happens to be this photo-exclusive posting site, which grosses over 700 Million monthly users. This is one of the most influential platforms for advertisers, and the best part is that it is free!


Yahoo! Bing

One advantage of Yahoo! is that the average cost per click here is 10% to 24% lower than Google AdWords, meaning a lower cost per click results in a lower cost per acquisition. The network received over 11.6% of the market share this year.

Build Facebook Lookalike Audiences

The algorithm here reaches out to customers who it thinks might have an affinity to the kind of ads you might be broadcasting.

Paid Promotions

With just a few bucks, you can efficiently increase your visibility on the network and notice a surge in the communication. With Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm which is provided for everyone, your ads are less likely to appear on the top of the list. What’s it a few bucks cannot do?

Email Blasts

Increase your monthly email blast to at least one email blast every day with tools like Nordstrom. Nordstrom can send multiple email blasts every day.


One of the few hugest giants in the industry, Twitter has taken commercialization to a different level and revolutionised it. Develop your following here. Analyse and scour for users you admire with hashtags. Commend their work, and ask questions to them. Stay inquisitive. All of this comes at no cost! And with the questions will come a huge following related to your comment. A possibility of all 1 billion Twitter users coming across your post might be bleak, but nonetheless, it is sure to garner colossal attention here.



This can be your stepping stone into the exposure you might be in for. Let not your self be deterred because a poll finds that a whopping 80% of daily visits are for new blogs. And if your content is engaging enough, search engines rank them higher on the list, healthy for your blog.


This is more of a localised level in marketing, but if you get lucky, you might as well hit a bull’s eye.


In all fairness, this step shouldn’t be at this place on the list. Howbeit, Youtube has a significant positive impact on the marketing industry. The ads might be as small as 5 seconds, but never fail to leave an impact on the user.

If one were to follow the above steps which include mainstream marketing platforms, they are sure to excel lucratively in their respective fields.