The world has many amazing things to discover that go beyond the screen. Check out some things our city has to offer other than amazing digital marketing agencies. ; ) The city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania has a lot to offer. It is a great place to live or visit. It is obviously known for its history but it also offers up great attractions, food, and entertainment. Depending on how long you have to enjoy the city, let’s take a look at what are the must-see sites.




As stated before, Philadelphia is known for its rich American history. Philadelphia is where our country began! It is most famously known as being the home of independence hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed which allowed us to be our own country apart from England. It is also where the Liberty Bell is kept. Besides these historical sites, the city is also home to places like the Betsy Ross House, Elfreth’s Alley, Museum of the American Revolution, and the Benjamin Franklin Museum. All of which explore the days of our early country. Elfreth’s Alley is the nation’s oldest continuously inhabited residential street. Benjamin Franklin is a famous Philadelphia resident who had a lot of impact on our history and was a great inventor for his time. The majority of these sites are located in the “Old City” section of the city and can be done in a day or two depending on what you want to accomplish. 




Besides the historical sites and museums/attractions, there are also many landmarks in the city that should not go unnoticed. One of the most famous being the Rocky Statute and Art Museum Steps. The Philadelphia Museum of art was shown in the movie Rocky and is one of the most known scenes in cinematic history. You can go and visit the museum steps and run up them just like the character did and also pose with a statue of Rocky Balboa! Another great landmark to admire is City Hall. City hall is right in the center of the city and is quite an architectural beauty to admire. It is often home to events depending on the time of year. During the holiday season they have light shows for passerbyers to enjoy.  Good thing in Pennsylvania you can shop for electric rates, especially during the holiday season. Philadelphia has many holiday shows and light spectacular.  They also have many splash pads located throughout the city that are well kept and enjoyable for the family during the summer months. Another famous landmark in Philadelphia is the Eastern State Penitentiary which is an old haunted jail that becomes highly popular during the Halloween season. 




If you have little ones in tow than you will luck out when visiting Philadelphia. There are great amusements and attractions that are wonderful for children. Philadelphia is the home of America’s first zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo. It also has a children’s “Please Touch” Museum that welcomes kids to come in and explore things hands-on. They can do everything from go shopping in a grocery store to ride a SEPTA bus, fix cars, and play with water. The Adventure Aquarium is also in nearby Camden, NJ. This aquarium is home to many aquatic creatures and is great for kids to enjoy.


You can make a Philadelphia visit short or long, either way, it has plenty to offer. Philadelphia even offers city passes that allow you to visit many attractions throughout the city and can be bought for days/weeks. 


It wasn’t the most astounding thing when Bangalore, aka Silicon Valley of India, ousted Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) as the Most Dynamic City in the world, as now it sits on the top of the list, showing no signs of abatement. And the majority of the growth of such cities can be duly attributed to the massive number of start-ups that are proliferating at a fast pace. And due to this, the competitiveness among them grows every day. Day-by-day, it grows more & more of a challenge to survive in this boom of an era, especially if you are in this business. And if you are an entrepreneur yourself and plan on stepping into this huge influx of traffic of start-ups, then you might want to know what to equip yourself with before you start. Here are some tools that’ll help you in your endeavours in this industry:

Google Tools

Among many other free tools, three google tools are a must-have: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Google Analytics and Task Manager keep track of visitors’ count on your site.

Google Tools


This is a comprehensive tool which functions best when it comes to marketing. It performs a variety of stuff like Blogging, Marketing Automation, Social Media, Website, SEO, etc. With all this, this tool is one place where you can get everything you need for marketing.


While spam in your inbox is aggravating, it also is sometimes not entirely spam. I.e., email services like Google automatically categorise them as spam when some of them might actually be important. Tools like Mailchimp ensure that you get those important emails, commonly classified as Spam, in your Primary inbox.


A social-media marketing app, Hootsuite schedules social media posts in advance, to save time. Apart from that, it classifies influencers for your marketing team, & replies to comments & mentions.


In advertising, it is beneficial to get as much feedback as possible while the campaign is still running. Optimizely optimises your campaigns & performs other tasks such as A/B testing.


Another social-media tool, Followerwonk improvises your social-media strategies by gouging into your Twitter analytics. It basically finds twitter accounts to compare to & analyse your followers’ list.


While this might sound like another fun social media application, it is an organisation tool which offers a platform for other people in the team to manage projects; for example, your team members can review a blog which you want to publish.



This is a social media platform which publishes content on various social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. effortlessly, and aggregate them at one place.


Canva is the best software I can vouch, for getting all sorts of templates like posters, banners, Instagram posts, etc.


If you need better comprehension of your social content, or want to know what content works best with what kind of search engine, have a look at BuzzSumo.

Social Media

Digital Marketing has been the most influential platform of the century and finds allurement amongst many people of vastly different tastes. And it favours marketing the most because there is simply no better platform than this to reach out to people.  If you are just getting started on this life-long expedition, then the steps below will aid you in your undertakings.


The first place to besiege happens to be this photo-exclusive posting site, which grosses over 700 Million monthly users. This is one of the most influential platforms for advertisers, and the best part is that it is free!


Yahoo! Bing

One advantage of Yahoo! is that the average cost per click here is 10% to 24% lower than Google AdWords, meaning a lower cost per click results in a lower cost per acquisition. The network received over 11.6% of the market share this year.

Build Facebook Lookalike Audiences

The algorithm here reaches out to customers who it thinks might have an affinity to the kind of ads you might be broadcasting.

Paid Promotions

With just a few bucks, you can efficiently increase your visibility on the network and notice a surge in the communication. With Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm which is provided for everyone, your ads are less likely to appear on the top of the list. What’s it a few bucks cannot do?

Email Blasts

Increase your monthly email blast to at least one email blast every day with tools like Nordstrom. Nordstrom can send multiple email blasts every day.


One of the few hugest giants in the industry, Twitter has taken commercialization to a different level and revolutionised it. Develop your following here. Analyse and scour for users you admire with hashtags. Commend their work, and ask questions to them. Stay inquisitive. All of this comes at no cost! And with the questions will come a huge following related to your comment. A possibility of all 1 billion Twitter users coming across your post might be bleak, but nonetheless, it is sure to garner colossal attention here.



This can be your stepping stone into the exposure you might be in for. Let not your self be deterred because a poll finds that a whopping 80% of daily visits are for new blogs. And if your content is engaging enough, search engines rank them higher on the list, healthy for your blog.


This is more of a localised level in marketing, but if you get lucky, you might as well hit a bull’s eye.


In all fairness, this step shouldn’t be at this place on the list. Howbeit, Youtube has a significant positive impact on the marketing industry. The ads might be as small as 5 seconds, but never fail to leave an impact on the user.

If one were to follow the above steps which include mainstream marketing platforms, they are sure to excel lucratively in their respective fields.