It wasn’t the most astounding thing when Bangalore, aka Silicon Valley of India, ousted Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) as the Most Dynamic City in the world, as now it sits on the top of the list, showing no signs of abatement. And the majority of the growth of such cities can be duly attributed to the massive number of start-ups that are proliferating at a fast pace. And due to this, the competitiveness among them grows every day. Day-by-day, it grows more & more of a challenge to survive in this boom of an era, especially if you are in this business. And if you are an entrepreneur yourself and plan on stepping into this huge influx of traffic of start-ups, then you might want to know what to equip yourself with before you start. Here are some tools that’ll help you in your endeavours in this industry:

Google Tools

Among many other free tools, three google tools are a must-have: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Google Analytics and Task Manager keep track of visitors’ count on your site.

Google Tools


This is a comprehensive tool which functions best when it comes to marketing. It performs a variety of stuff like Blogging, Marketing Automation, Social Media, Website, SEO, etc. With all this, this tool is one place where you can get everything you need for marketing.


While spam in your inbox is aggravating, it also is sometimes not entirely spam. I.e., email services like Google automatically categorise them as spam when some of them might actually be important. Tools like Mailchimp ensure that you get those important emails, commonly classified as Spam, in your Primary inbox.


A social-media marketing app, Hootsuite schedules social media posts in advance, to save time. Apart from that, it classifies influencers for your marketing team, & replies to comments & mentions.


In advertising, it is beneficial to get as much feedback as possible while the campaign is still running. Optimizely optimises your campaigns & performs other tasks such as A/B testing.


Another social-media tool, Followerwonk improvises your social-media strategies by gouging into your Twitter analytics. It basically finds twitter accounts to compare to & analyse your followers’ list.


While this might sound like another fun social media application, it is an organisation tool which offers a platform for other people in the team to manage projects; for example, your team members can review a blog which you want to publish.



This is a social media platform which publishes content on various social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. effortlessly, and aggregate them at one place.


Canva is the best software I can vouch, for getting all sorts of templates like posters, banners, Instagram posts, etc.


If you need better comprehension of your social content, or want to know what content works best with what kind of search engine, have a look at BuzzSumo.